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True merriment

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Drip tamer

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Dancers dancing! Sculptures being!

Allie Hankins Performance: Like a Sun That Pours Forth Light but Never Warmth,
Rauschenberg Project Space, 455 West 19th Street, July 25, 2013.

Photo by Tatiana Mouarbes
My sculpture getting danced with at the Rauschenberg Project Space. 
The show's up for a couple more weeks, it's called Fruits if Captiva and
it's a buncha work that was made while in residence at Bob's compound in Florida. 

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Favorite photog's small show at the Met closed yesterday.  And the punk show was lame lame lamb

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in progress

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One of mine up in Peekskill NY.  
Part of the Peekskill Project V

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Waiting for the scrapper

It's tough to let go of even the heaviest and hard to deal with sculptures when they mean so much to me.  Important steps along they way, faaaaaaaaaaaaading..