Monday, May 09, 2005


It's been awhile blog.
Exciting stuff-
-I'm quitting the real world for the summer and going to Skowhegan Maine for an art residency by a big Lake with lots and lots of trees. link
-working on some really fun art stuffs. They're earthquakes. There's some early shots on my website--
-I've got a show up at the Barbara Walters Gallery in Yonkers NY. It is The Barbara Walters and her gallery is on the grounds of Sarah Lawrence College, my employer. It is a show made specially for us folk who are there as technicians. It's good the students get to see our stuff after all the "careful with that, you'll lose an eye" talk. link
-Also in a show down in Richmond. It's a small gallery,very small. I'm showing a sculpture of the church that's all bricked up in the neighborhood that's been affected by the churches bricking from the view of the bus stop where I got punched in the head by the pcp berserking crack dealer who's obviosly been deeply affected by this whole bricking up of the local church thing. Also a small photo from the bus stop. link
-Show on the horizon-- June 4th, me and a bunch of my best friends are showing at the Kim Foster Gallery on 20th street in Chelsea. 6-8pm The show is called More Fresh Meat, it's the VCU biennial thing. It's going to be packed with awesome sculpture.
-That might be it. I did turn 33 the other day- People are saying that this is the one year I should strive to be less like Jesus/God. It makes me feel so good to hear that kind of stuff.