Monday, November 22, 2004


Alright Blogger fans,
Um, My show 9x(group) at Smack Mellon gallery just came down. It was awesome.

The Sarah Lawrence College art dept. (my employer) has opted to include the art technicians in its faculty show coming up in January. Score! I'll be able to put the Barbara Walters Gallery on my resume.

Fresh Meat III (VCU Bienial) is happening in June at the Kim Foster gallery. I will be taking my place amongst my VCU buddies for our Chelsea debut. (my website) was web nabbed by a company called kenyatech. They find profit in scooping up lapsed websites and holding them for high ransoms. What really sucked was why my site lapsed- You see, I was playing on my computer one day when my pal, Allesandra Lee Michelle Torres, came into my studio. With great pride I showed her my website and mentioned that she too could have a website in a matter of minutes. Needless to say, without hesitation we set about to getting her website up and running. Somehow our cookies crossed (an extremely wacky computer glitch somewhere) and she was assigned ownership of my site and was the only one with the power to pay the re-up fee. So when it came time to pay my site rental they wouldn't allow me access to my domain registration. My site lapsed and kenyatech stepped in to make its fortune off me. HOWEVER, thier gain and my loss has become my gain and thier loss* with & now being in my clutches. Hopefully I'll have something new up soon.

*they can have my stupid website, see you in a year .com


lion king said...

Calm down. It is all going to work out fine. Don't worry so much about your resume. You should probably focus on your art instead. I wish you lots of luck!

Damian said...

Hmm, Most of this means nothing to me but whats this Fresh Meat thing. Tell me Kai, does it have a sinister theme?

Kai said...

Point taken, I'll publish no more jokes about padding my resume with celebrity gallery shows.

Fresh Meat? Very unsinister. VCU grad ad. Should be a good show, look for it in June.

Thanks for looking