Monday, July 30, 2007

Today in the Atlantic

My big brother Brian and I, capsization imminent.


b said...

no surf to speak of. You wouldn't think twice 'bout diving headfirst into some harrowing drop if you had a tiny plywood deck and 4 little wheels 'neath you but with the waves under two feet when they're dragging bottom your pitch is rising as your troat tightensand your singing "We're all going to go over". Big deal if we had - in what? - 4 to 5 feet of water? What's that to a guy whose 5 feet at the waist? I don't think the boat even took on an ounce of spray. We had far more to worry about from the little pin hole spouting water from inside the boat, that an the humiliation of being forced to back te boat all the way in rather than letting those infintesimal waves slap at our backside & drive us home. I kept looking to see if you were going to clamp onto the seat or he sides. You didn't so you get credit for no "white knuckling" but I also figured that if it weren't breaking you down that far that a little adversity wouldn't hurt. Honestly Kai, reminded me of boating out in Kwajalein's pacific atoll where we had to turn tight spirals then drive drive across our wake just to get the boat to quiver. We need to get out when there's some real waves. I'll have to let you drive though since I'll probably be the clamp holding the boat together then, my specialty.

sean said...

your brothers got that bukowski face going!!! looks super fun were your at!!!