Saturday, August 25, 2007

the pull to the westside bull

I'm so sorry for the lag on posts. My interweb interface was corrupted during our last rainstorm. Anyways, skated yesterday with Pat. We got off work early so's to hook up with Sam from LA and maybe the guy from the Cult's kids. They never came, Sam had to finish up his work as a question answerer for a youth oriented beverage brand's extreme sports focus group, and the cult kids were on a plane back to the other side of the pond. We had a good time anyways. First we went to El Museo Del Barrio to see the (S) Files, with our friends Pedro Cruz-Castro, Javier Piñón, and Shaun Leonardo (Shaun's link is to a video in collaboration with Kalup Linzy). It's an awesome show and we soaked it in for as long as we could but the daylight was burning and we needed to get to the skatepark. Being that we were in a rush mode, we rigged up an extreme tow set up on my bike so that Pat could surf in a hurry through Central Park and points beyond on our way to the spot. Here's some video of that and some sweet frontside skreechers from Pat and my new pal Renaldo (who had a classic set up from head to toe)

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