Monday, October 08, 2007

Old hairy photos

And devils, spikes, planes and what else

devil by Ruby Wescoat, narration by Fernando Mastrangelo


Meridith said...

Remember that glamour shot Mike Smith took of you with long dreadlocks (on black and white film)? You need to get a copy of that.

Kai Vierstra said...

Please Meridith,
This isn't one of those "vanity" blogs. This is about uncovering the truth with the grittiest of honesty. Only ugly truth.

Paul's Place said...

Is this made by Ruby Westcoat who graduated from VCU Sculpture Program? Where/what is she doing these days?

Kai said...

Hi Paul,
It's the same Ruby. She's down in North Carolina making art and having a good time. She shies away from my various social networking invitations but sends the occasional email. If you'd like I'll forward her a hello. just send me an email- kaivierstra at gmail