Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

A valentine meditation
Sacre Coeur
The heart is an organ with feeling (according to a cardiologist I know)
This blood pump has been the subject of many poems and songs over the years
A muscle it is with a mind of its own
(the white man who thinks with his head rather than his heart is crazy)
People call the artists crazy (they just release the caged heart)
“Groove is in the heart” sangre christo via Della Rosa coeur d’alene blood of a poet
Rhythmic contractions sent from a love machine larger than the size of your fist
Explore your heart in a boat; find a unique tunnel of love, atrium, and oxygenated ventricle vena cava
Take it out of the body and put legs on it (it won’t pass the drunk test)
Aorta a swinging door beating the rhythmic mythic flip-flop pitter pats the Venus cave
The heart is the creation of the world.
This note was written with one finger quickly while taking my own pulse.
Feb 14 2008……with heartfelt enthusiasm from Robin Winters

-Robin Winters' Theater of Objects Class of Sarah Lawrence College present to you a Valentine's Day Protest, 2006. Directed by Robin Winters and Anthony Frattolillo and Filmed by Anthony Frattolillo

Cast of Characters:
Robin Winters
Lee Webster
Kate English
Caroline Sebastian
Max Liebowitz
Stevie Weinstein-Foner
Matt Connolly
Lindsay Powell
Danielle Rosa
Gavin Pherson
Max Steele
Kate Watson
Tom Robinson
Francine Lee
Revel Atkinson
Jesse Hensel
Mike Meleck
Dave Hardy
Hillary Plemons
Josh Mosh
Sam Jackson

Happy Valentine's Day to Robin Winters, the most popular friend/professor/mentor/coworker/poet/artist/guru/muse ever.

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