Saturday, March 01, 2008

Providence to Lynn and back, a journey with Jon Laustsen

Jon, get a website already.
UPDATE- Jon went it did it--

"taking root, finding shape, growing up, falling down, and potentially bending back up over time"

May 20th, 2007
Rhode Island


de/constructpeep-holes, not part of Jon's art, but an interesting feature of the gallery's architecture

Lynn Massachusetts-
August 4th, 2007
Place and Memory
Lynn Arts
shants shorts skorts

Providence, Rhode Island
February 19th, 2008
the reachers and the dwellers
AS220 project space
Meridith gets a sneak post view

quote from the Pheonix-
"At AS220 Project Space (93 Mathewson Street, Providence, through February 24), Jon Laustsen has a trio of sculptures that look like the framing for strange complexes, fortresses, or maybe condos, built at 1/8 scale, or dollhouse size. In Somewhere (On the Other Side of the End), the wood framing of a little two-story structure lays cockeyed on a pile of dirt. Next to it, a similar structure stands atop tall pilings and precariously bent braces. It seems like a model for some crazy vacation home, or a house built to survive high, high waters.
The Reachers and the Dwellers (1st Version), which fills one entire room, is a complex of mini-earth berms, concrete columns, and foundations (with tiny rebar poking out), and wood framing for buildings and catwalk corridors, some rising about six feet tall. In a corner of the room, a waxy red blob-thing lurks between a pair of twig trees. The architecture seems designed for some mysterious and perhaps ritual purpose, but what? And the mystery is deepened by a charred structure standing at the far end. Why was it torched? It stirs up feelings about real estate development, home, fortresses, and safety."

Meridith & I both had shows at AS220 back in 2002, they were really nice people to work with but the space they had wasn't so plush. Seeing these pictures with their white walls and smooth floorboards evokes twangs of jealousy from this side of Connecticut.

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