Thursday, May 22, 2008


Going to Beijing in 10 hours for an opening on Saturday, stay tuned...

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martin said...

are you in china still?

here is a contest for you. show this to gabe, he is dreamy -


Submit a photo of your favorite art handler to Art Handlers of the Year! It’s a calender featuring twelve of everyone’s favorite art handlers of New York City. The calender will come out this summer, just in time for that busy fall season. Here are the guidelines:

-You can submit a photo of any person who is or has worked as an art handler, preparator, exhibitions coordinator, or installer recently. This also includes those of you on the trucks working for the shippers.

-You can submit a photo of yourself.

-You cannot be naked, thanks.

-You will only appear in the calender if you approve it.

-Submissions must be in by August 1st.

-Please include information about the person appearing in the photo, like their name and where they work.

-The photos will be narrowed down to a smaller number, and then there will be a vote to pick the lucky twelve.

There are something like 700 galleries in Chelsea alone. That means at least 700 art handlers. Please forward this to your favorite art handler or their gallery/company.