Sunday, July 13, 2008

on Friday

Darth Helmet (Fernando's on his bike heading west as I write this, I think)
check out the show at the Moti Hasson Gallery to see Mastrangelo's genius, alongside the genius of Rosemarie Padovano, Molly Larkey, & Aunrico Gatson

Some Chelsea David Herbert at Postmasters

Swoon in a hole

Brian had had enough

David Ellis at Roebling Hall from Kai Vierstra on Vimeo.

Freaking out on Anish Kapoor at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery from Kai Vierstra on Vimeo.


martin said...

i like that david herbert...

isn't it nice when your friends make an effort to support what you do?

hello? other blog readers? why are judy and i the only ones that ever acknowledge any of this?

Kai Vierstra said...

Oh Martin,
Everyone knows I prefer the well written essay printed on cardstock, but most of the time people take the easy acknowledgment of designer chocolates by mail.

jacques torres chocolates

Judith said...

mmm... I love office ass. And Snickers. Hell, I'd be happy with Mounds bars by mail.

Kai Vierstra said...

Alright Judy, I run a family blog here. Stumps to the rumps is fantastic and all but...

martin said...

kai just admit it, nobody is reading this.