Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tom Moody wrote about me yesterday-

"The slow cracking of the wood in the video is aesthetically satisfying, like the popping of bubble wrap, but ominous. I like the piece's encapsulation of horrific forces into almost-pure form. The shape seems to have been determined entirely by factors other than the artist's design: an imagined civic architect's ideal plans twisted and rended by catastrophe "in the field." It's straight-up entropy--once broken the structural integrity is gone. Compare Steve Parrino's bashed-in monochromes and Jason Middlebrook's post-apocalyptic Bilbao. Or Gehry if all the "implied torque" in his buildings actually tore them apart."

It was his "implied torque" bit that really had me smiling. It brought back memories of a brief critique I had with Amie McNeel where she referred to a particularly floppy (but tough looking) element within one of my sculptures as having an "implied tension". She wanted to not only see it, she wanted to feel it when she touched the thing, which she would invariably do. It meant a lot to me back then, and so much more now. The difference between something that was implied and something that could demonstrate and be it's implication has become central to how I think about and make art.

Anyways, it was really nice of Mr. Moody to take the time to find my work and give it some thought, so in liu of a comment over on his blog (which is impossible as comments are disabled), I would like to say thanks. Thanks


Anonymous said...

No prob--thanks for linking to my blogs on your sidebar. I turned off my comments because I was spending too much time moderating them and wanted to commit the time to creative insanity.

--Tom M.

Kai said...

Creative insanity is always a good thing when you can find the time. Moderating comments?, wow. Aside from the occasional Bromirski bellow, I never have anything worth editing out on my comments. Judy always has something nice to say but she hardly ever cusses and negativity is just not in her blood. There were some wackos back in 2004 but I think they accidentally showed up due to the lack of blogs. Now there's just so much that there's not enough loonies in the world to make a mess of my comments. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

My comments from 2004 to 2007 were like a big party and someone had to keep supplying the booze and coke. Not bragging, it just happened. Anyway, that's what I meant by moderating. I never erased anything except spam and the occasional over-the-top psycho or harassing comment that I just didn't feel like hosting.


Martin said...

i am not familiar with this judy you speak of, stoner.