Thursday, May 28, 2009


Nothing is cool
well, maybe Tim Hawkinson's cool

and macro'd bouncy on the driver's seaty shots are cool

macro'd crazy accidents aren't as cool as when they're not macro'd

pool condoms are probably not cool, what do you think?

Stephanie graduating from UMass is way cool

me Mum's glasses are cool

cool mustache

cool Family

cool bowl

doubles with the Nephy in Northampton from Kai Vierstra on Vimeo.

and congrats on the learner's permit, but not cool at turning, yet.

not as cool as I'd hoped

coolness taking over

and then losing cool

coooooool lens dude.

Chris Doyle is cool and so is his animation

It's cool Meridith and I are in a book in Matt Bua's installation

and Victoria being modelly face, cool.

coolyn't trees

and I think these are cool enough to keep me tossing my expensive gear around


and a mini golf carnival on Saturday, come play my hole, if I can get to it-

ride your bike there

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