Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hudson River Skatepark

Pier 62's skatepark in Chelsea's opening May 17th! (according to yesterday's conversation with the security guard)
These photos are from last December's attempted sneak in to getting caught by security to convincing that security to pull up images for me to see on the boss's computer.
open 6am to dusk, year round.


Martin said...

i can't believe you didn't at least blur out the name on the hardhat.

anyways, is that his hat? i looked up the name on facebook and he is a project engineer, with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Kai said...

Not his hat, it was something like I can't let you see the park but I think there's some pictures on the boss' computer. The engineering behind this park is impressive, I give Mr. Project engineer a lot of credit for making the worlds first floating concrete skatepark happen.