Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Aztec Curses

Hi, I've been up to my ears in ancient Aztec objects, most used in a gruesome ritual to satisfy a blood thirsty deity. If you haven't seen the Aztec show at the Guggenheim, you're sorely out of luck because it closed and I've been crating it up to head to Bilbao. If you're smart you'll see it there. Seriously, the show is out of control amazing. These objects will never leave thier home museums again in your lifetime. Get busy and get to Spain. If you can't afford Spain, at least go to the Whitney to see the Tim Hawkinson show, it's up until May-ish. Anyhoo, aside from working a lot, I've been getting into the studio (newly relocated to beautiful Bushwick) and working on my toxic barnacles, also been working on the website a bit. It (the website) is still pretty haggard but coming along as my skills improve.
All My Love


Damian said...

I already know plenty about gruesome bloody rites to satisfy the most evil deities.
Want to be part of an Aztec ritual I perform?

hugs and kisses

Kai said...

Evil Deities? Huh? The Aztec Deities weren't evil, who or what are you referring to?
Anyways, will this sacrifice just involve some blood letting or am I gonna die?