Monday, February 07, 2005

Lee Boroson & Mass MOCA

Lee Boroson's art show is well worth the drive to Saratoga NY. It's at the Tang Museum on the Skidmore College campus. If you're in the area you might as well head East to Mass Moca and look at what they've got to offer- it's good too. Hey, make a real trip of it and stop at SUNY Albany to see Edward Mayer's show and Brian Caverly's great dane statue. On a sad note, Friendly's doesn't have clam strips anymore, what's worse- the median price of thier entree's is around $9 now, with only a couple few of the outrageously overpriced meals coming with the happy ending sundae.


lion king said...

lee boroson rocks, but you sher dont!!!!

Damian said...

Hi Kai
What's Mass Moca, Like, a big ice coffee shop?