Monday, August 04, 2008

New fridge today!

It's a whirlpool and it's black. Meridith thinks it looks pretty mod awesome with a white microwave on top and a green plant on top of that. Speaking of refrigerators here's a Utah video from a couple weeks ago, its got a fridge in it (at the end)

Skating from Ryan & Leslie's to Matt & Jen's. from Kai Vierstra on Vimeo.

Here's another whirlpool


Anonymous said...

It's a dark green plant with long spiky leaves.... it looks almost as hot as Kai's new haircut.

Kai Vierstra said...

Who's this? Ryan?

Judith said...

this video made me think of two things:

1. Kai has some kick ass kicks.

2. Why did I ever think skateboarders were so cool when I was 15 years old?

Ohhhhh yes I just did!

Anonymous said...

why aren't you wearing a helmet? Isn't this blog supposed to set a good example?

Anonymous said...

ryan you like concave? i like concave 2..we should hang out some time.

i miss you retards!