Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's Next?

Benjamin Wiemeyer, really good guy and epic 'treet artist.

Ben's face at the Salt Lake City Art Center.

Part of the apparatus that Ben's got hooked up so that his picture is sliced to shreds by a zillion teeny blades over the course of the show "Present Tense" which is on view through September 27th. The show is up to honor the memory of the short lived art building 337. The Artists in the show where involved in the 337 artstravanganza and have either made work in response to the original project, or transported the actual fragments to the Center, or both. There's a video and slide show that document the history of the project that was especially important for those of us that missed out on seeing the original thing. Looked like a lot of fun. Anyways, the show's awesome, check it out soon in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City.

Shawn Porter's sculpture. Shawn hung around the sculpture department at the U of U when I was there and now he's running the place. He's solid.

A painting by Trent Call and Sri Whipple, It's really big (I used my photostitch feature so it looks all distorted, it's all 90 degree angles in truth). Trent, if you happen to see this and you want those issues of the old Blammoroots art zines (you were entranced by them one night in my garage) just send a note.
Also in the show were some long time unseen pals CJ Lester & Lenka Konopasek. They both have really awesome art and websites to pour over.

other artists in the show-
Trent Alvey
Hairy Baldwin (aka STRUT)
Andrew Callis
Amy Caron
Craig Cleveland
Kier Defstar
Cara Despain
Dave Doman
Trinity Forbes
William Lewis
Tessa Lindsey
Michael McGlothlen
Nick & Erin Potter
William Robbins (aka Elmer Presslee)
Dessi Price
Shawn Rossiter
Zara Dawn Shallbetter
Margaret Willis

Other artists in the state-
Ryan Evans

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