Monday, October 13, 2008

it stunk of spraypaint and death

Casper the friendlier than is comfortable ghost added to my note.


Martin said...

i'm sad.

Kai said...

We try new things, sometimes good, maybe it's bad, but we grow. Anyways, I like the white.

BTW- I picked up the painting, you had it professionally packed? Must of cost you a fortune. Thanks, it's safely on the wall.

Martin said...


i packed it myself, yo! i like that painting and am glad you now have it. i think it looks good with your stuff.

Martin said...

i've been thinking this whitey-white could be AWESOME if you passed it on to wendy white to paint.

and then give it to me... a hanging Vierstra/White. it would be WICKED!!!

Kai said...

Martin, you're a genius. It's in the mail to Wendy's house. However, my price will be Sad Sack and an additional scaled up copy of the sack, I'm thinking x2.5. Not to mention that Wendy probably wants cash and some organic tomato heads. Make sure to get a theme and some color swatches to Wendy by tomorrow.