Saturday, October 04, 2008

Meridith's art in the L.E.S. (let 'em sleep)

September 18th saw the opening of Beauty's Burden at the Educational Alliance Gallery. It was curated by David Gibson and Jennifer Junkermeier and it's really good, and not just because it's got Meridith Pingree in it. It's also got Bethany Bristow, Bonnie Collura, Gabert Farrar, Limor Gasko, Scott Kiernan, Karen Marston, John O'Brien, Sono Osato, Richard Schort, & Fumiko Toda. There's going to be an artist's talk on Sunday the 4th (tomorrow) at 2 pm. The Gallery's located at 197 East Broadway (a few blocks up from the Manhattan bridge). It should be interesting as they'll be tackling the subject of beauty in contemporary art, a tough one for sure. Get out there and support Meridith, Beauty, Art, & Obama.

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