Tuesday, June 03, 2008

China: day 2


across the alley construction project-

and breakfast, I ordered too much, didn't know what anything was so I had to branch out a bit. Yes, I drank a coke with breakfast, sometimes you need an anchor product you can recognize.
Tea cults- check out the magic teapot-

and these wheels, it was my failed goal to find a set of these for sale.

photo opp
and then the opening of "Blank 2008", the inaugural show at the Median Arts Center in Beijing. Chen came out, where were you?

That's mine on the right, it's called "Quake Column"

Here's me with the fella who built my sculpture while I sipped coffee on the other side of the planet. He's awesome. He skipped some of the directions but that's all part of the fun.
and the only thing that came close to what I've known as Chinese food, sweet & sour expanded fish-

and cheers'
and more cheeeers', especially to Zhou Yi (standing) the curator, artist, and fantastic host.


Martin said...

wow kai, what a great experience.

Kai Vierstra said...

Totally, day 2 was awesome, wait till day 5...