Tuesday, June 17, 2008

China: day 5 & 6

Hung down and brung down, looking for a comfort meal and a stroll through some neighborhoods-
the avocado tried to make a break for it

what's brown & sticky?A Stick!!

something about christian paine

How about some fried duck heads?

Yi Zhou's studio-

It's three rooms- super massive, totally awesome. Check out the cast erasers on the table.
Day 6-

From Yi's Mom's apartment (thanks for the hospitality Mrs. Zhou). They're flattening the old neighborhoods to make room for more apartments. I was told that everyone who's displaced gets a spot in the new buildings, I hope they put in a lot of bike racks.
to the airport for lunch and some flying

Meridith's first real pop top-
when I was a kid I would drop them into the can before drinking, my stomach was a lot tougher back then.

Just enough for two ice creams and a water-

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