Thursday, June 12, 2008

China:day 4

Alright, day 4 pictures have been slow coming (no internet) but they're here!
After a nice breakfast we went to the Median Art Center to take some pictures of my piece and the show-
We took pictures as the Kings in Kenya Nakazawa's sculpture-
then it was back in a taxi to the Forbidden City
I think it's pretty cool that they don't put something so lame as a broken sign on the urinal when a piece of wood is so much cleaner, longer lasting, green? It's just better than a sign.

Then we headed to Yi's friends' studios for a bbq party and...
WHoa! there goes the wheels I want-


Martin said...

wow, that is an awesome space... the show looks great.

(but) why is that painting so high? is that a painting?

your china experience is so different from mine.

Kai Vierstra said...

Someone said that the paintings in the show were already sold right off the studio walls (the exuberance of the Chinese art market), so maybe it was to keep my grimy fingers off of it.

You gonna post on your Chinese experience?

Martin said...

that hanging really bugs me... it's like interior design where someone decided that the room needed a little color up there.

my chinese experience is not art related and too long to post... but it ends when i go to the travel agent four days before my flight to tokyo and say "get me out of here".

she says no flights back to japan, so i say okay how about thailand or vietnam or anywhere... no... but there is a cargo boat leaving tomorrow for kobe... i'll take it!

it was a three day boat ride from shanghai to kobe (nowhere near tokyo), i was the only passenger, it was GREAT!