Thursday, December 06, 2007


So I'm gearing up for the crossword puzzle on the train ride north when I see that Ween's got a review. I thought that was fascinating, me liking both the band, and the crossword. Don't look too hard, I screwed up and put tern down as an arctic floater. It's berg.

Anyhoo, I thought that it would make a nice segued to meeting up with Frank & Michelle to see Ween play at Terminal 5 last Friday night.Ween shook the place up. Funny internet story- when I was younger and had gotten a job at the Salt Lake City Library, the librarians instructed me to familiarize myself with the internet. I was sent down to the basement where there was a computer that was hooked up to it, to fumble through it any way I saw fit. It was 1997 and the first page that came up was a generic search page. I had to choose what I wanted to attempt to "research". Being that I was a huge fan (had been since Ronn & Kelly Benway turned me on to God Ween Satan, right before the Pod was released. I was totally affected), I typed in Ween and pushed go. The first page I found was Vein's Live Ween Website, which began slowly loading its way down the screen. The first website I would ever visit was unfolding in front of me. And at a snail's pace, I appeared. I had an arrow coming off my head pointing to some text claiming I was this Vein's Mother. I was shocked. Here's the photo, circa 1996, not cropped down & minus the "mother" reference.
So, I was hooked instantly, and know I even buy my shoes there (the internet)
The following year I met Vein in Cincinnati, Ohio, thanks to some friends of his who recognized me from his site. He's a real nice guy from Indiana. Anyways, freaky internet stories aside, this show here was awesome. It was the first Ween show I've ever been to that I didn't take a crack at creating a good, non-violent circle pit, even for the slowest of the slow dirges. It's a calling, what can I say, and the forum thanks me for holding back. So I posted up on the 3rd story rail and watched. Here's some of what I saw, with some videos at the end.Here's the only sign of life, during "You F&^$*# Up" censored for your eyes and ear, young and old alike.

youwillheartny / Art Codex was represented by Ernest, Vandana, & Mike
(Mike got clipped by someones head, that's his arm to the right)

5th ave.

After the show we went to Gandhi for a late dinner, it was excellent, especially the mint nan.



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