Friday, November 16, 2007

Bullet Proof?

Here's a video I edited last night using footage I shot last year in Utah. You see, when I was in school my mind would occasionally wander to a bullet proof skateboard. I thought that my history with skateboards, and my preoccupation with defensive tactics could meld into one object symbolizing my "artist's statement", it would be that beautiful, clear skateboard. So I eventually came upon some inch thick plexiglass for free, and viola, a bullet proof skateboard. I rode it a little and it really sucked on the flats, and wasn't much better on the hills. Tricks of any sort were out of the question. So I set it aside, proud that I had achieved my goal of making the bullet proof skateboard a reality. One day my friend Mike was telling me about his expanding gun collection and that we should go shooting one day when I came out to visit (I had never shot a "real" gun before). No better time to test my object of power. I had big dreams, the bullets would become lodged in the plastic, trapped by their own power. Anyways, I shot it 3 times with a mix of weapons. We start off with Mike shooting it with an old Russian army rifle, pretty serious stuff, then hit it with Cowboy's Range rifle, also no slouch of a hand canon. The icing on the cake comes at the end with a Glock 9mm. I was out there with Mike Abramovitz, "Cowboy" Corey, and Gene Hare. All these guys shred skateboards with love and devotion, so they're qualified to blow them things up. Here's the video-

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Judith said...

"They layer that shit together in some sort of fucking scientific layer."