Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Heaven

I've been in Thanksgiving Heaven. Two turkeys and many friends, I even got a halo.


martin said...

this looks more like i am laying on a slab looking up at a psycho doctor who has paralyzed me but left me conscious and is about to perform a horribly sadistic operation.

martin said...

in his basement, in wisconsin, with rusty kitchen and farm implements, grisly bits of previous victims skin and hair still stuck to them.

you are speaking in that faux-soothing tone you have.

the basement is that of an abandoned brick church with bricked-up arched windows.

Kai said...

A slab sounds so heavy and permanent. If I can't strap it to my bike, I don't want it.

martin said...

okay. change. i am laying on an xtra-large skateboard.