Monday, November 12, 2007


Alright. Now the opening's over. If you missed it like I did, too bad. So, I had an opening in Millersville Pennsylvania tonight. The show's called Frequency and it's in the Sykes Gallery which is located on the Campus of Millersville University. It was curated by Tina Zavitsanos (from Philadelphia) & Elonda Billera (from Los Angeles), and features the work of Me (Kai Vierstra), Meridith Pingree, Kate Moran, Mercedes Teixido, & Bob L. Sturm. The show is up until January 17th, so check it out if you're in Southern PA in the next coupla months.

The mysterious Tina & Elonda at breakfast

In the Sykes Gallery, finetuning

Kessler's Piss (with Nick Kuszyk) & CMYquaKe

Tornadoquake & small video monitor running a selection of my videos

overview of me sculptures with Mercedes Teixido's video at top left
I'll have some shots of everyones work, soon.

Tina & Elonda thank you for visiting fabulous Millersville

Hey Art, check out this awesome church while you're there


martin said...

sweet! i didn't know about this, congratulations. did you go to install it?

i remember kate moran from way back, in philadelphia. not her, whom i don't think i ever met, but seeing her work and hearing her name around a lot.

hey, how about diana's show?

Kai said...

Yes, I went on Saturday, in a ziptruck named Theo. Diana's show is sweeeeeeettt. Harrebutchex's all around. I've got some pictures to post, soon. About Kate Moran, in your online sleuthing, have you come across a good Moran link? Or better yet, Kate, if you're reading this, please send a link.