Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Diana Al-Hadid & Michael Scoggins, on the same street (24th)

Diana Al-Hadid at Perry Rubenstein Gallery
Diana's amazing. A LINK to her website. Her show runs through the 21st of the month. Check the links for good pictures of the show, then go see it if you haven't.

Hey look, it's Charlie Roberts (who spent the summer with Al-Hadid at the Skowhegan Residency), Meesha Giles, & Fernando "brakes are for chumps, as are misspellings" Mastrangelo.

And while you're at it go see Michael Scoggins at Freight and Volume Gallery through the 24th.
Again, check the links for the really good pictures that the work deserves.

A really big, really mad Jesus. look below for scale


Anonymous said...

dude... i know that guy fernando, and he would kill you if he knew that you messed up his last name... show some respect muthaf#$@!&%!!

Bent Cookie said...

Hey Kai,
this guys all confused up. I know that guy, he's a little blurry yea, but I know him. I'm pretty sure that's his name, right down to the crazy outta control no brakes moniker of his. yea, I know him. I think this guy might be confusing him with a guy from the northside they call The Fernado. Like Tornado, but different, badder, and windier. Yea, I now that guy too and this ain't him. Hang tight brah

Kai said...

Whoa! what's happening Bendy? You checked out Diana's show yet? Thanks for the kind words of support. Fernado? sounds fierce. Lesser mix-ups have gotten bigger people way way way up the creek. If it's all the same, I think I'll change the name if it saves me some skin. But Bent, like I said, and like I'll say again, if you haven't already done it, check out Diana's show, It's bangin'.
Later Holmes