Tuesday, November 20, 2007

of yams and poison apples

I found a Judith Baumann sculpture today, the same day she gave me a poison apple.

Seeing Judy's sculpture reminded me that I needed to take a picture of the L train sculpture that I keep running by.

Meridith and I went to brunch on Sunday and she got her favorite pancakes. They're from the Lodge, kindly folk who give out real syrup and bloody marys.
-If anyone's found a hat that looks a lot like that guy's in the background, but with "Rockport" on it, it's mine. Please give it back.

They make a good omelette too.


martin said...

so many comments to make.

a. are you on facebook???

b. those balloon photos are great.

c.is there no heat in the lodge? that kid behind meridith must have been seated in a draft.

why does it bug me so much to see guys sitting in restaurants with their hats on? there is a reason they sat him in the cold corner with the baby highchairs.

Kai said...

A. yes, and I scored 100% on the star wars quiz today.
B. thanks. I'm going back with my $40,000 large format so I can get some crappier photos.
C. there was a doorway between us and the hat guy. It was chilly. But, my green and yellow hat offered me no relief from the cold. So, I can only assume that this guy's wearing it as some sort of fashion accessory, same as me.

Judith said...

I think that is one of my favorite photographs, ever. In fact, I printed out a copy and put in on my bulletin board. Have you seen Alec Soth's book "Niagara"? I think you'd dig it. Them poison apples are delicious!